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The Center for Energy Efficient Materials (CEEM) is an Energy Frontier Research Center funded by the Office of Basic Energy Sciences of the US Department of Energy. The principal activity of the Center is a cross-disciplinary multi-institution research program directed at critical energy challenges in three key focus areas of fundamental science and engineering: photovoltaics, thermoelectrics, and solid-state lighting. Innovative materials and novel devices for sustainable energy efficient applications are unifying themes. A highly collaborative research enterprise, CEEM engages participants from five institutions: the University of California Santa Barbara (the lead institution), the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Purdue University. A corresponding education program provides a rich learning experience for undergraduate and graduate students.  An important vehicle for communicating the work of CEEM to a broad audience, including the scientific community, industry, students, and the public is the The Institute for Energy Efficiency (IEE) at UCSB.  IEE is a cross-campus interdisciplinary research institute with a mission to develop and apply the science and technology necessary to substantially increase the efficiency with which energy is generated a deployed, IEE serves as a vehicle for fostering synergy among faculty with interests in energy efficiency and for mobilizing support for new research opportunities.  CEEM leverages its communication via a wide range of activities that provide a focal point for addressing a range of issues related to energy efficiency.

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University of California, Santa BarbaraNREL
Purdue UniversityLos Alamos
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