2009-2010 Academic Year Internship Projects


Mentor Advisor MajorProject Title
Garrett Brinkley
Kristen Murphy
Galen Stucky
BiochemistryElution of Bacteriophage for the Advancement of Photovoltaic Cells

Nathaniel Brunner-Taulbee

Jordan Lang
James S. Speck
Physics/AstronomyNitride Based Solar Cells by MBE
Charles Buhler
Je-Hyeong Bahk / Chieh-Ting Lin
John Bowers
PhysicsSolar Cell Thermoelectrics
Eneida Chesnut
Dr. Mingfeng Wang
Fred Wudl
Chemical Engineering
Synthesis of Fullerene Derivatives for Plastic Solar Cells
Kayla Nguyen
Thuc Quyen Nguyen
Thuc Quyen NguyenPhysicsElectrostatic Force Microscopy on Organic Solar Cells
Michelle Nguyen
Jason Kawasaki
Chris Palmstrøm
Electrical Engineering
Shape Memory Effect in NiTi
Christopher Roberts
Dr. Maosheng Miao
Chris Van de Walle
Quantum Simulations of Nitride-based LEDs
Ryan Vargas
Dr. Krisztian Niesz
Daniel Morse
Chemical Engineering
Synthesis and Characterization of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles by Vapor Diffusion

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