Summer 2010 Internship Projects



Mentor Advisor MajorProject Title
Kenechukwu AkametaluMatthew Laurent
Umesh MishraElectrical and Computer EngineeringCharacterizing the Performance of InGaN-Based Solar Cells vs. Solar Flux

Ali A. Al-Heji

Robert M. Farrell
James S. Speck
Chemical EngineeringEffect of Surface Roughness on the External Quantum Efficiency of InGaN-Based Solar Cells
Garrett Brinkley
Kristen Murphy
Galen StuckyBiochemistryPH 9.5 Affect on Bacteriophage Binding to ZNO to Ultimately Create Ordered Mesoporous ZNO
Charles Buhler
Chieh-Ting Lin
John Bowers
Designing a Middle Antireflective Coating to Allow Light to the Lower Bandgap Cells and Reflect Higher Energy Photons Back to the Top Cells to Increase Performance for a Four-Junction Solar Cell
Elan Frantz
Peter BurkeArt GossardElectrical and Computer EngineeringThe Power of Heat: Utilizing Thermoelectric Power Generation to Cool Computer Components
Jeffrey Georgette
Syed Mubeen JawaharMartin MoskovitsMechanical EngineeringNanpstructured Inorganic/Organic Hybrid Solar Cells
John Haberstroh
Alex SzteinShuji NakamuraCCS Physics
Thermoelectric Properties of GaN and InGaN Based Materials
Nicholas Julian
Daoxin Dai,
Zhi Whang
John Bowers
Electrical and Computer EngineeringPolarization Control in Integrated Silicon Optoelectronics
Christopher Roberts
Qimin Yan, Maosheng Miao
Chris Van de WallePhysicsPolarization Switching on InGaN LED
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