Summary 2011 Internship Projects


NameMentorAdvisorMajorProject Title
Mark BighamTeyeb Ould ElyDan MorseMechanical Engineering Reducing the Production Cost of 6-10 nm Barium Titanate for use in Battery Safety Devices
Eugene FangBen CurtinJohn BowersElectrical Engineering and Computer Science Silicon Nanowire Thermoelectric Devices
Sam IvryAlex ThomasGui BazanChemical Engineering Electron Transfer Across Liposomes Using Oligoelectrolytes
Eric LingBorzoyeh ShojaeiChris PalmstromPhysics and Mathamatics Thermoelectric Properties of Doped InGaAs
Carolyn MillsChristina BirkelGalen StuckyChemical EngineeringElectricity From Heat: Synthesis and Investigation of Intermetallic Heterostructures
Armin MoosazadehMatthew SnedakerMartin Moskovits and
Galen Stucky
Mechanical Engineering Nanostructured Silicon Germanium for the Efficient Conversion of Waste Heat to Electricity
Michael MyersStuart BrinkleySteve DenBaarsChemical Engineering Phosphor Implementation Schemes for Efficient LED-Based  White Light
Thomas NeulingerJason KawaskiChris PalmstromPhysicsEpitaxial Growth and Characterization of Thin-Film Half-Heusler NiTiSn 
Anna RevolinskySiddharth JainJohn BowersElectrical Engineering Quantum Well Intermixing for Hybrid Silicon Laser Integration
Nancy TrejoJoun (Sylvia) LeeMartin MoskovitsChemical Engineering Engineering Plasmonically Sensitized Photovoltaic Cells
Jonathan WaltmanMatt LaurentUmesh MishraElectrical Engineering Equivalent Circuit and Charge Transport Modeling of GaN/InGaN Photovoltaic Devices
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