Simulation Techniques


1. MATLAB® program for calculating drift mobilities of III-V compound semiconductors using the Rode iterative method.  Click here to download Online Mobility Public Source Code

2. MATLAB® program for calculating the Seebeck coefficient of III-V  compound semiconductors. Features include non-parabolic bands, degenerate doping and inclusion of inelastic in-scattering terms in the Boltzmann Transport Equation.   Click here to download Online Seebeck Coefficient Public Source Code

3. MATLAB® program to simulate the "Three-Omega method" experiment using the Finite Element Method. Features include handling of arbitrary 2D geometries and anisotropic thermal conductivities for each material in the structure. Optionally generates surface plots of in-phase and quadrature components of temperature oscillation  Click here to download Online Fourier Domain FEM


Please contact Dr. Ashok T. Ramu, UC Santa Barbara, e-mail ashok [dot] ramu [at] gmail [dot] com for questions or comments regarding these codes.

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